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Moor Park

Preston_oor_park_snow_si_miller_photography04 Preston_oor_park_snow_si_miller_photography06 Preston_oor_park_snow_si_miller_photography05 Preston_oor_park_snow_si_miller_photography07 Preston_oor_park_snow_si_miller_photography08 Preston_oor_park_snow_si_miller_photography02
Preston_oor_park_snow_si_miller_photography03 Preston_oor_park_snow_si_miller_photography09 Preston_oor_park_snow_si_miller_photography10Preston_oor_park_snow_si_miller_photography01

A brief walk in Moor park in Preston, Lancashire. Photographing what is left of the snow. It was very peaceful with the blanket of snow cover the park. From Moor park you can get a great view of  Preston’s Deepdale stadium on the horizon with people travelling to work in the snow. On my way home I passed a bus stop on Watling Street road with snow just covering the top of the bus shelter. I  am a Preston photographer if you would like any more information please contact me on the contact page.

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