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Ballroom Dancing Winter Gardens Blackpool


Blackpool Ballroom Dancing Photographer

Blackpool is the home of ballroom dancing. It hosts the national ballroom finals every year with competitors travelling from all over the UK to compete. Dancers compete in two different styles; ballroom and latin. With the increasingly popular television show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ it has become very popular, with people wishing to learn, and even I learnt the basics for my first dance at my wedding.

I recently went to an event to watch and photograph a family member who was dancing. As ever I took my camera to get a few photos of the day. I ended up taking a lot more photographs and making a short documentary, reportage piece of the day. With all the little behind the scenes goings on and catching people unaware enjoying their day. My favourite photographs of the day are the ones when I have caught someone who is totally oblivious to the camera, like the photo of the boy eating crisps. The photographs give a real understanding and reflection to what actually happens during the event. They tell the true story of the day that might pass the attendants by on such a busy day.


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